Monday, May 23, 2005

Thou shalt not contradict the OED.

Per the debate in the comments to this post on the definitions of podium and lectern, I give you the OED definitions. Down with Webster's. OED forever!

Pl. podia, podiums.

1. Arch. a. A continuous projecting base or pedestal, a stylobate. b. A raised platform surrounding the arena in an ancient amphitheatre. c. A continuous seat or bench around a room.

d. A raised platform or dais at the front of a hall or stage; spec. that occupied by the conductor of an orchestra.

e. A projecting lower structure around the base of a tower block.

2. Anat. and Zool. a. The fore or hind foot (manus or pes) of a mammal or other vertebrate; in birds, the junction of the toes, or the toes collectively. b. In compounds denoting parts of the foot of a mollusc: as EPIPODIUM, MESOPODIUM, METAPODIUM, PROPODIUM.

3. Bot. A footstalk or other supporting part. (Chiefly in compounds.)

1. A reading- or singing-desk in a church, esp. that from which the lessons are read; made of wood, metal, or stone, and often in the form of an eagle with outspread wings supported on a column.

2. Chiefly Sc. a. A reading-desk in a private house. b. A writing desk; an escritoire. to be bred, sent to the lattern: see quots. 1825-80, 1888.

{dag}c. (a) A music-stand; (b) see quot. 1612. Obs.

d. Sc. (in form lateran). The precentor's desk in a Scotch Presbyterian church.
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