Sunday, May 22, 2005

Random roundup VIII

In the wake of my return I have found several noteworthy posts while making a circuit through the blogosphere.

Raffi divulges that he spends about $90 a week on food. Wow! I usually read his recipes and think that I am just too lazy to do all that stuff, but apparently it also turns out I am too cheap. My weekly grocery budget is $50, and I usually spend less than $20 per week on eating out. Some weeks I do not eat out at all. Granted, my portions are probably smaller and he is almost certainly orders of magnitude better nourished than I am, but still. Ouch.

Ms. Fowler has some important information for law students and those considering law school. I will add one more bit: law firms may lie to you. They may lie to your school. They may submit false recruiting statistics that make it look like everyone who gets a callback gets hired. You may only be able to ferret out such a lie by finding out about the other shadow-callback rejects from the previous year and their hatred of lying firms. So be wary.

Interesting post here on cattiness. I am ashamed that some of the choices I have made have been motivated not by what I wanted but by what would produce maximum male approval. But is there anyone who has not erred so?

Calvino lovers may enjoy this Metafilter post on Invisible Cities. Fans of old school country music and anyone who appreciates a good story may like this post on the many exploits of Kris Kristofferson.

Oh, and J. Crew's sizes are getting bigger. I bought a pair of 2P cropped pants two years ago and they are snug. I tried on a pair of 0R pants today and they were almost baggy. I did procure some dresses from H&M, so not every store is against me.
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