Friday, May 20, 2005

Friday Spies: Would You Rather Edition

The Friday Spies questions this week were inspired by the popular "Would You Rather?" game, Each question presents a choice between two possibly unappealing options. Please explain would you rather:

1. Live alone on a deserted island for 10 years or be paid to live at Neverland Ranch with the King of Pop for one year?

How deserted is the island? Are there materials for building a shelter? Food? If so, then I pick that. Although what if I got sick on the desert island? Hmm. And at the end of ten years, I'd just be old and sunburnt, whereas at the end of one year at Neverland I could write a bestselling tell-all. All right, I pick a year at Neverland.

2. Be deaf or blind?

Definitely deaf. Blind women always have bad things happening to them. But I want a hearing ear dog. And I refuse to hang out with those capital-D Deaf people. I will be a self-hating deaf person who acknowledges that hearing is where it's at.

3. Have skin which changed color depending on your mood or visible sight lines?

I already have skin that changes color with my mood. It's one of the reasons I am such a bad liar. But if it turned all kinds of crazy colors like a mood ring that would be pretty neat. Not so hot for a lawyer who has to negotiate in person or be in court, though.

4. Spend a year in prison or a year on tour with Celine Dion and John Tesh?

A year on tour, of course. I've been to a prison (on a visit! for my job at the U.S. Attorney's office!) and it's very, very bad.

5. Have threesome with your close friends or with total strangers?

If I had to pick: close friends. Who knows where total strangers have been?
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