Sunday, May 01, 2005

Seen and Heard II

What better to do on a rainy weekend than take in a movie or two? My Netflix subscription brought us The Thin Man, a snappy and engrossing mystery from 1934 that keeps the viewer in the dark until the surprising end. (A modern remake would of course telegraph everything in advance, and probably show us the real killer by the end of Act II). How Nick Charles manages to solve a murder or three while consuming such prodigious quantities of alcohol (Prohibition is obviously over) is a mystery of its own. The interactions between Nick and Nora make the film, though. *scrunches face at Will*

Rather less amusing was the film version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Like the books, it's best at the micro-level, with many lines and scenes preserved, but the plot is loose at best and the characterizations are scanty. I did enjoy recognizing Martin Freeman from The Office and Bill Nighy of Shaun of the Dead in Hollywood roles. For the fan, it has much to offer, but the musical number it begins and ends with may leave a bad taste in your mouth (and a pesky earworm in your brain).
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