Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Stuff I Hate

-Peapod, for sending me frozen peas instead of edamame


-Younger abstention

-Sitting in review sessions listening to my classmates ask questions about cases I don't remember even having heard of before

-Changing my email address to

-The apartment people, who call me every other day to ask how my apartment search is going. I don't know, folks: you are the only place I'm searching, and now you have proof of my future salary (because I am honest, and put that I am currently a student, they freaked out and said I was too poor to live there at first), so just tell me if you have a vacancy when you know. I feel like I should call them and say, "how are your evictions going? any openings?"

-Still having an entire issue of the journal to crank out

-The mailman (he's doing it again!)
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