Friday, May 06, 2005

Church/State Lunch Break

I hate take home exams. First of all, unless you live on campus you're better off not taking them home. Second, I never use all the time (witness this post) and then get bad grades on them, but I genuinely cannot keep up 8 straight hours of furious typing and brilliant idea generation. Some of my classmates can, so: future Supreme Court clerks of the world, I salute you. Third, it's 2 and 2/3 times the exam agony!

So instead of typing my exam, I am taking a little break (and not for the first time this morning) to log on the net and provide you with amusement. Via frequent commenter and fellow exam taker Melinda, who also apparently has less-than-stellar focus today, comes this little link. It allows you to submit email addresses of friends and family so that after you've been raptured they will receive a letter that tells them what happened to you.

Hey, at least it's religion themed. I'm on task, I swear!
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