Monday, May 16, 2005

100 things about me: 1-20

1. I watch no television programs of my own volition.
2. I have taken exactly one drag from a cigarette, ever.
3. In high school I had waist-length, perfectly straight hair.
4. Chocolate gives me migraines.
5. I never want to have children.
6. Despite years of video poker playing and teaching my Baptist cousins how to play five card stud, I am the worst gambler ever and lost my entire $100 in less than forty-five minutes the one time I went to a casino.
7. My favorite place in the entire world is Vienna.
8. When I was fifteen, I started a protest within my writing workshop group to try to stop the instructor from turning the class over to the students for one day. I felt like this was cheating us because we'd paid to be taught creative writing by a professor, not by other amateurish high schoolers. This failed.
9. I have a large scar on the top of my foot and a small one above my eyebrow.
10. I was kicked out of nursery school for fighting.
11. Most contemporary fiction set in the last fifty years interests me not at all.
12. My favorite poem is probably The Greater Cats.
13. I would rather have one dynamite week-long vacation than do something every weekend for a year.
14. I have never been hunting, but I would like to go once.
15. I don't see the point of bracelets. They just slide around and get in your way.
16. I sing songs that I make up almost constantly.
17. My birthday is July 17th.
18. I am overly self-critical.
19. I know no grammar.
20. I wish I were a more avid gamer than I have ever had the opportunity to be.
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