Thursday, May 05, 2005

Movie Ads Aren't So Bad

It's nice that Loews Theaters will begin announcing the actual start time of movies, although that they are doing it after being threatened with legislation from big government busybodies is pretty pathetic. Are there no important social and political issues to draw the representatives' attention?

But though I am also moderately annoyed by the advertising featurettes before movies, especially the heavy-handed copyright endorsements that consist of interviews with film industry workers and the absurdly self-important American Express ads, I cannot support this anti-advertising crusade. I like the giant multiplexes that have sprung up in the last decade or so, replete with cushiony, reclining chairs and stadium seating. I like not buying nasty, overpriced movie theater food. I am also aware of the fact that said nasty food is the main money maker for theater companies. Ticket prices are already sky high, with many theaters only allowing matinee discounts for the first show of the day instead of all shows before a certain time, as of old. Movie theater chains are always on the cusp of financial insolvency.

So why would rational moviegoers agitate for the removal of a simple revenue source for theaters? Won't this mean that ticket prices will have to increase? What's so damn hard about showing up five or ten minutes after the printed time, if you're so offended by advertisements? What's that? Hard to find a seat? Yes, that's right, because despite all your silly polls, most people would prefer to stake out their seats early and scoff at the ads and pay a lower price. You may not mind paying for the privilege of strolling in at exactly 8pm, plopping down in a seat, and watching the movie right away, but some of us do. Shut up, anti-ad whiners.
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