Friday, May 27, 2005

I punch one kid in the nose . . .

. . . and get kicked out of preschool. This little brat bites and draws blood every day for weeks before he gets booted. (Salon cookie) But should his parents have even had kids at all?
now we've been forced into the challenge of caring for a smart, stubborn, high-strung 2-year-old. We love him very much, but that's not the kind of work either of us wants, at least not full time.
They live in America, where both abortion and birth control are legal and relatively easily available. Who the hell intentionally has a child but only wants to care for it part-time? There are names for part-time caretakers for children: aunts and uncles. But these parents can't handle 5 hours of extra time with their son per day. That's 2.5 hours each with a person they chose to bring into the world. But no, let's make laws against expelling violent children and force other two year olds to be bitten so you can have your precious 2.5 hours, Pollack.
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