Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A summer meme

It's not summer yet, of course, this being Massachusetts. But spring will fade into summer, which brings delightful things. Such as . . . these.

Favorite summer flower: crape myrtle. The summer after my junior year, which was probably one of my worst summers, I was living in a lovely studio apartment which was totally isolated from everyone. It had a vaulted ceiling and no overhead lights, so I lived in shadow. But there was a little window near the top, out of which you could just see the top of the crape myrtle on the patio, white flowers on blue sky. It was a tiny bit of cheer.
Flavor of ice cream: coconut gelato.
Mode of transportation: A car with air conditioning. I hate having to drive with the windows down because my hair always ends up half matted and half in my mouth.
Music: Last summer I was listening to a lot of Cole Porter. It was an excellent soundtrack for my best summer on record.
Food: salads, preferably with fruit and nuts and a light dressing. Perfect for eating in patio cafes.
Favorite game to play: Settlers of Catan, but that's a year round thing.
Earliest childhood summer memory: My sixth birthday party. My friend Ginenna twisted her ankle running around the Slip'n'Slide.
Favorite Drink: Diet Coke (again, year round)
Favorite Snack: Two summers ago I was living in New York. The apartment had a window unit but it was in the alcove on the far side of the apartment from the bed and the place was always stifling. The woman I was subletting from had left a bag of miniature Twix bars in the freezer. Those were the most delicious frozen snack, all brittle caramel and frigid crumbs of cracker. Mmm.
Place to read: Stretched out in bed, with no body part touching any other.
Most annoying: Walking in the heat, dripping with sweat. And bugs. The one nice thing abot Boston is it is too cold for bugs most of the year.
How I handle the heat: Living in air conditioned buildings. Intraveneous Diet Coke.
All-time favorite bathing suit: I had a really great suit with a halter top and boy-style bottoms. I wore it to the beach one time and then it was stolen from the dorm bathroom by pranksters out to get the senior class (they stole everything from the common bathrooms so no one had any toiletries for graduation: cute, jerks). Who steals a bathing suit? Especially one that's been worn?
Best Time of Day: Any time the sky is purple.
Most romantic: Any time you're standing outside saying goodnight.
Summer movie: Any movie with Will Baude.
Best for sex: See, this is how people get behind: quarreling about times. No comment.
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