Friday, May 27, 2005

Grad versus Undergrad

Phoebe wants to know why I cite the omnipresent Harvard undergrads as one of the downsides of Cambridge. I confess to not having good reasons. Ways in which they get on my nerves:
  • Their frolicking in the Yard. There is a group of guys that aims a giant speaker out the window and plays poker at a card table in the Yard, every week, rain or snow. Are they incredibly affected? Just attention whores? A public nuisance, due to the loud music? I pick all of the above.
  • The self-important college paper, headlines from which (no matter how banal) tend to percolate into real media because, well, it's Harvard. Dirty snow sculptures are news!
  • The never-ending parade of famous but probably dumb celebrity undergrads (although I've heard Ms. Portman was well-read).
  • The kids who constantly badger me with flyers and protests outside the Science Center. Shut up, shut up, shut up. Your cardboard costume and rows of deeply symbolic American flags just make me want to smack you.
  • Undergrads get decent housing and we get the Grope.
  • The overpriced "edgy" stores that cater to them push out places with things I can actually afford.
  • Their rampant grade inflation, which may be part of the reason there are so many double Harvards at the law school. Save some room for the rest of us!
  • Their rabbity little faces with their multiple nose jobs.
  • They pee on a statue of John Harvard even though they know tourists touch it.
  • They apparently steal books, since every undergrad library searches your bag before you leave. The law library, by contrast, does not. Lawyers are more honest than college kids.
Mostly I dislike them because I can. What are they going to do about it? Why would they even care? If this personally offends any Harvard undergrads, they can cry themselves to sleep on their organic buckwheat pillows.
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