Sunday, January 09, 2005

u r dumb.

I don't send text messages. My boyfriend will occasionally send me one, but I lack sufficient thumb dexterity for texting to be a viable communications strategy. But apparently I'm an old fogey - texting is finally catching on in America as it did years ago overseas. But these kids today . . . they have clever thumbs, but they can't freaking multiply. This NY Times story profiles some of the poor American teens who have been burdened by debt by the cell phone industry - they didn't know how much texting costs (10 cents per sent message, unless you have a special plan) or were incapable of internalizing that knowledge.
"I knew it was 10 cents a message," she said, "but I didn't really realize how much that would add up."
Because adding it up and modifying your behavior accordingly would require self control, as well as some basic intelligence. Says one principal:
"The students are not reading the fine print. No one understands the contract until they get the first bill and it's $800."
Moral of the story: ask questions, read the fine print, and if you can't read the fine print or add up 10 and 10, take it up with your local incompetent school principal.
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