Sunday, January 02, 2005

Down to Earth Crescat Content and Coming Down on Blachman

In the course of his post on BTQ replying to the case against Jeremy Blachman, Milbarge calls our attention to Attorneys Suck, a really funny blog. I confess that Jeremy's blog strikes me as very hit or miss, but criticizing a humorist's sounding board for inconsistency is not really fair. Jeremy works in book and movie reviews, media criticism, and general law school life posts as well; I think (hope?) that he's not trying to be funny all the time.

Milbarge also attempts to deflect some of the anti-Crescat hostility that emerged in the anti-Blachman postings. Don't be haters! Contrary to what you might think, the Crescatters read fiction and watch American movies. I can personally testify to one Crescatter's consumption of both Spiderman 2 and Lemony Snicket, a fantasy series for children.
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