Monday, January 03, 2005

Life is too short to eat breakfast bars.

My Peapod order doesn't arrive until tomorrow evening, so I awoke for my 9am class and was faced with grim breakfast prospects: breakfast bars or dry, stale Special K. I chose the former but am not sure it was the right decision. How can an "all-natural" food can taste so artificial and processed? By the end I was begging for anaphylactic shock to stop the vaguely peanutty horror. I then went to class (only one hour today - we had no assignment) and hiked to the big Star Market for spinach penne, which Peapod inexplicably refuses to carry. Oh, the dinners I'll make! I also got some stopgap food so I may be able to avoid consuming the "lemon" bar tomorrow morning.

On a bloggier note, this site has taken my favorite form of entertainment in public places and brought it online.
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