Sunday, January 23, 2005

Blizzards should be from Dairy Queen, not the sky.

New England is not fit for human habitation.

The view from my front door.
From the back door.

We recently received the following email:
Hi everyone-
At this point, classes and exams are still scheduled for Monday (an announcement to that effect is posted on the registrar's exam page).
In the event that anything changes, announcements would be made
in the following ways:
1. The front page of the law school's web page would be updated.
2. An email would be sent to the entire HLS community announcing a closing.
3. An announcement would be available on the law school's snow hotline (617-496-SNOW).
I hope you are all safe and warm and not stuck in an airport right now.
This seems to assume we won't lose power and telephone access. Fingers are crossed.
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