Sunday, January 02, 2005

Good News, Bad News

BN: It snowed a prodigious amount before I arrived in Indiana.
GN: By the time I left, it had warmed up and all two feet melted.

BN: I had to part from the darling boyfriend.
GN: We'll be seeing each other again in a matter of weeks.

BN: When I arrived home, our internet service had been cut off.
GN: A phone call rectified the situation and I am again plugged into the Matrix.

BN: I have no food and I must eat!
GN: Peapod.

BN: Class starts tomorrow.
GN: The class is full of people with very, er, strong opinions. Even if the subject matter doesn't turn out to be exciting, the discussion should be fabulous. And I am excited about the professor!

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