Monday, January 31, 2005

Take a number

Classes for 2Ls and 3Ls start again today. I'm currently signed up for more than the required load but will be dropping one class to bring myself down to barely-scraping-by. (I mainly wanted to take the course because of the instructor, and he has been replaced by a random visitor.) That will give me a 5 day per week schedule (ugh), but it can't be avoided. My waitlist numbers are awful, so it looks like my course load will consist of Church and State, Legal Profession, and Fed Courts. And there's always the looming presence of the 3L paper!

In other news, I am finally sending out my bar registration and application for moral fitness certification. This is happening because I, like Dylan, did not have all my paperwork. My mother had to make a trip to the Harris County courthouse,* old address books had to be dug up, and I had to scrounge up enough character references to satisfy them. Good thing I am not applying for a government job. I hear that they get twitchy if you have fewer than 50 friends. I certainly know 50 people, but I'm probably not "friends" with more than a double handful.

* This was because I had a legal name change when I was adopted by my stepfather. I'm generally in favor of keeping adoption records sealed, but that's because I believe in keeping the terms of a contract even when third parties claim they should be broken. If the state promised an adoptive mother privacy in exchange for her giving up parental rights, then it should keep its bargain. If the mother wants the records unsealed, that's her choice.
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