Monday, January 10, 2005

My New Favorite Toy

Via Metafilter: I love the St. Andrews Face Morpher! It allows you to upload any photo and morph it to look older, younger, of another race, more chimp-like, or in the style of a famous artist. Play around for yourself and post any amusing photos! I like the Modigliani and Mucha morphs the best, but they are my favorites of the artists available for women's photos. This morph reminds me of this painting, which I was rather taken with several years ago. This one came out nicely, too. And should I ever want to become a Japanese cartoon, here is a template. I wish they had a Schiele morph.

(More on Mucha and Modigliani - it's an arts and gender kind of day.)

Relevant to the discussion below: you can also feminize a man's photo or masculinize a woman's. Participants in the great gender debate are encouraged to check themselves out.
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