Sunday, January 23, 2005

All Request Dinner Block

One last post before I am utterly consumed by my Conflicts exam (which is not postponed, although the powers that be have seen fit to cancel 1L classes).

Brian asks why I blog. It's not an intellectual outlet. I tend to keep it light around here, if only because the drain of law school has severely reduced my enthusiasm for the intellectual pursuits I once found so consuming. Hopefully a summer vacation with minimal obligations (bar study, teaching myself Latin for fun) will give me a chance to decompress; perhaps then this blog will be more of an intellectual outlet (not least because I will doubtlessly be faced with many intriguing problems as a clerk that will lead me into backwaters of the law that I'll feel compelled to share).

The blog has functioned as a great way to keep up with old friends, but that wasn't my reason for starting it. I started blogging because I spent such a huge amount of time reading blogs and surfing the internet. This meant I found tons of interesting things and people, most of which I was only able to pass along to my long-suffering flatmate. I also had very strong opinions about some of these people and things, but I'm constitutionally incapable of jumping into a discussion in which I feel I don't belong. I once paid for a year-long membership to a message board and then stopped posting because I felt like an intruder in their close clique. I don't email bloggers as a rule - it feels too intimate and intrusive. So how to convey my thoughts without imposing? Setting up a blog seemed ideal; if I wasn't interesting, I could be ignored, and friends could check in at their leisure rather than absorb a stream of random references.

This sounds astonishing pathetic and it is. But that's why I blog: because I am too shy to interact with people in any other way, and because I can't keep things like this to myself.
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