Thursday, April 15, 2004

Today started altogether too early. First, our noisy next door neighbors were thumping around at some ridiculous hour. Then, just as I had slipped back into a drowse, the phone rings. Now when the phone rings early in the morning it is either a telemarketer who needs a piece of my mind or a relative with bad news, so I sling myself out of bed and down the stairs, answer the phone…

And it’s only the fraud division of my credit card company, asking me if I really bought two computers online last night (new machines for the Journal! Yay!) and spent five hundred something dollars at a bookstore. I should have known that buying my class ring and the computers in the same day would set off some alarm bells. I appreciate the vigilance, though.

So all that is just fabulous, but it still means that I got no sleep after about six or seven this morning and now have essentially given the JLPP an interest free loan of *mumbledymumble* dollars. Don’t you just love reimbursements?

Later today we have a meeting with the president of the National Federalist Society and then dinner. Unfortunately, this is not the right time to say that they owe the Journal some money so I can get paid back.
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