Monday, April 26, 2004

First they came for the cravats and waistcoats, but I said nothing…

Waddling Thunder went shopping for suits this weekend. I heartily approve of any firm that still requires, or at least encourages, its associates to wear suits. Part of this is my selfish desire to have a more aesthetically pleasing work environment (all men look better in suits, as WT observes) and to avoid the treacherous shoals of business casual for women (no one knows what this means, except that it involves guesswork and twin sets). But part of it is based a rebellion against the ceaseless decrease in formality that marks our culture. I may have disagreed with Austin Bramwell about many things, but never fashion. Next thing you know, we’ll all be trundling around the office in polo shirts with the firm name embroidered on the front like a bunch of computer programmers or something. Bah.

Will Baude thinks that business casual has benefits for those of us in hot climates, but there are many light summer-weight fabrics which can keep you cool yet still look professional. And the answer to Amanda Butler’s problem (other than SAS shoes) is to spend a lot on a well made, perfectly fitted pair of pumps. That cheap shoes destroy your feet is one of the great truths of our time.

Update: JCA mentions one of the reasons I left California. She leaves out the tendency of male Californian professionals to wear Hawaiian shirts and khakis to the office. It's making me queasy just thinking about it.
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