Friday, April 16, 2004

First, I would like to congratulate Eric, the new majordomo of Ex Parte (although that's such a Bramwellian title). I may be posting more on Ex Parte in the future. However, this blog will still be my main focus for the following reasons:

- I like talking about books and movies and general law school life more than arguing (or worse, agreeing) about how Bush is doing in Iraq
- If I say stupid things here, A) maybe people will only pile on me, and B) maybe the entire FedSoc won't pile on as well
- It's too tiring to be Greg Weston and post the opposing view all the time
- Never could get into that penguins game and am hiding in shame
- The place for my random internet flirtations is here, not contaminating political discourse on other websites
- Massive ego and aversion to sharing
- No room on Ex Parte for Ahab-based taglines
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