Thursday, April 22, 2004

Fake Hate Crime Update:

Kerri Dunn, the visiting psychology professor who was seen faking a hate crime at the Claremont Colleges this spring, is soliciting students for assistance with her legal defense. One student who sent her a supportive email in the immediate aftermath of the crime (before her exposure as a hoaxer) received this message:

I have contacted many of you by e-mail. Although I have not formally been charged yet, the possibility still exists. If I am charged I will fight this till the end. Remember one thing...if I am charged, that means the investigation has ended and the person who did this, and the other hatefully acts are still on the loose.
Anyway, please e-mail me back if you think you would be interested in helping raise money for my defense. I simply need people to make a flyer and distribute it. Please let me know if you know others who may be interested as well.
Finally, thanks to all of you for continuing to believe in me. It has helped me from drowning.
Best regards,

--- Kerri Dunn

Has she no shame?

Edited to remove the offender's personal email address. I am torn about posting this, but I am deeply offended by this woman terrorizing a student community by making it look as if there are violent racists in its midst and then asking those same students for help to dig out of the legal hole she put herself in.
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