Monday, April 19, 2004

Kill Bill Vol. 2 in brief (minimal spoilers):

I'm not usually one for interpreting film through a feminist lens, but the Flick Filosopher has distilled the main misgiving I had with the movie:

Women belong to men or to babies, and the change in ownership happens in an instant. Women do not belong to themselves.

My impressions: Budd got the drop on her far too easily. The deadliest woman in the world can't do better than peer under a door when she's about to break into her enemy's home? It was out of character. The fight between Elle and Beatrix helped make up for it, though.

On weapon usage: The Bride uses knives (Vernita Green), samurai swords (O-Ren, Budd, Elle), and ancient kung fu secrets (Bill), but (if I recall correctly) only uses a gun during her entrance to Bill's house. Why? What is her motivation for abandoning her warrior ethic? She did use guns as Bill's assassin, but not during her "roaring rampage of revenge." It is a curious pattern.

I suddenly want to reread Gentlemen's Blood, a very amusing history of dueling.
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