Thursday, April 22, 2004

Jeremy is giving advice on how to prepare for law school, which is not to. My advice to those of you about to start in the fall:

- Don't read One-L or any of those other stupid law school tell-alls. No matter where you go, it's never like that.
- Don't watch The Paper Chase. It's a product of its time and has not aged well.
- Do something fun this summer that's not related to the law. Your law school summers will probably be spent at some poorly paid public interest job or in a firm. Have you always wanted to take an art class? Travel to Asia? Do some full time volunteer work? This is your chance.
- Relax. You will be a giant ball of stress once classes begin and so will everyone else. Why start working on your first heart attack now?
- Socialize with friends and family who you may not see once you start law school. Having a strong personal network is key when the first inklings of exam-related despair set in around November.
- To second Jeremy and Waddling Thunder, don't waste your money on a prep class. Your school may send you a list of helpful or recommended reading. There is no need to actually read any of this. In fact, read whatever you like best. There may not be as much time for pleasure reading in law school.
- Find a good place to live and settle in before classes start.
- Don't Panic!
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