Monday, April 19, 2004

Jeremy is all riled up about a Career Services talk in which we were told to be lying, disingenuous, and sneaky in order to get an offer at the end of the summer. Waddling Thunder thinks the consultant was just off her rocker, but evidently someone at OCS thought this would be useful enough to bring her in and set up this little talk, so it does not bode well. The perspective here is essentially to view the entire summer as a giant interview in which we can never stop smiling, never show the real person beneath the facade, and never stop maneuvering to get ahead. I went through the entire fall OCI/flyout week process with the attitude that honesty would produce a better result than plastic fakeness, especially since I'm a terrible liar and thus the interviewers' first impressions would have been that I was deceitful yet incompetent. I was not exactly overwhelmed with job offers. Maybe this sort of practiced manipulation is standard.

Then again, maybe this just meant I found the perfect fit for the real me and I can let my hair down this summer while everyone else is striving to repress their instincts and be good little worker bees. We shall see!
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