Sunday, April 11, 2004

Finally finished my taxes and financial aid paperwork for next year (no thanks to my @*#%^& Comcast internet connection, which crashed repeatedly and made me reenter information on web forms three times). HLS makes you reapply every year for financial aid. This would be bad enough, but they also require the Need Access form, which asks you about 300 incredibly detailed questions about your finances, your parents' finances, how much money you and they will make next year, the number of pennies you have in the couch cushions, etc. At the end of the whole process it charges you a $15 fee to file the form. We *pay* for the privilege of applying for financial aid. It's galling. And don't get me started on the Seven Year Independence Policy. The financial aid office here had me in tears before I even arrived at HLS, so much so that I didn't even want to come. I hate this entire process with the burning fire of a thousand alien suns.
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