Friday, April 09, 2004

I have a very nice apartment. It's Harvard Affiliated Housing, which means that uniformed fix-it men come at a moment's notice to repair our broken heater and shoveled our sidewalks and streets multiple times per day when there was heavy snow. We're looking into subletting it for the summer, and it's not hard to find good things to say about it. "Lots of light" the ad says.


I've been waking up earlier and earlier over the past week without the benefit of an alarm clock. I blamed stress, poor time adjustment after traveling, random morning sounds. The obvious culprit only was found this morning: spring. The gorgeous dawn streams into my room at ever earlier times each day, penetrating my cranked-shut-within-an-inch-of-their-lives miniblinds, bouncing off the mirror on my door and searing into my eyes. The yellow face, it burns us!

So, half asleep at 7:30 this morning, I tacked a dark blue sheet over my two huge windows, casting the room into a cool shadow and allowing me to finally get some sleep. I just woke up, I'm not going to class (not sure if we are supposed to go anyway, since we wrote our brief on the subject Rosenberg is conferencing on today) and it's wonderful.

I will, however, be joining some FedSoc types for a barbeque tonight. It's not one of those bait and switch affairs some people call a barbeque that really only has hamburgers and hot dogs (we call that a cookout, friends; a barbeque requires meat and sauce). I asked my mom for her potato salad recipe, but we'll see how it turns out; as I might have known, the measurement is "to add a little at a time until you feel it's right."

Edited because I am dumb.
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