Thursday, June 02, 2005

Regalia Schmegalia

Today I went and picked up my cap and gown. I've already bitched about the non-colorfast nature of the gowns, but picking it up just ticked me off afresh (and not just because neon pink advisories not to wear valuable clothes on graduation day were plastered all over the Coop).

The mere rental of the regalia costs $75. To purchase the full set is quite a bit more. You'd think for six hundred and twenty-five dollars the thing wouldn't bleed dye when damp; you might even think that it should be made of something other than cheap polyester. The "keepsake" tassel is a plain black tassel with no indication of any affiliation.

There is some kind of purple cloverleaf-type patch on both sides in the front but no explanation of what that signifies.

I have a long, draping hood with white edging and lavender satin lining. I had some idea that something about this get-up would signify my undergraduate degree, since they asked me about it when I ordered. So what is the significance of the lavender lining? My old school colors were maroon and gold and the color here is crimson. Where does the pastel come from? I'm a lawyer, not a dentist.
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