Saturday, June 11, 2005

Champagne Taste + Beer Money + Credit Cards = STUPID

My generation is a bunch of idiots.

Idiots like Jason Leong, who dreams of buying a house someday:
Jason Leong, 24, a makeup artist at Stila Cosmetics at Westfield Shoppingtown Valley Fair in San Jose, said he's more charged by the thrill of a new trinket than the attention it generates. He holds up his right wrist to show off a prized find, a canvas Christian Dior bracelet.

``This one was $180,'' he said, ``but it makes me happy, so it's worth it.''

Leong has tried to cut back on his high-end purchases from a year ago, reducing his $1,000 a month spending budget, which was 60 percent of his take-home salary, to about $400 a month. He now sets aside $25 a week toward the purchase of a house so that he can move out of his father's place in Hayward.

When he walked into the Hugo Boss store at Valley Fair on a recent shopping jaunt, three salespeople gave him a nod and acknowledged him by name.

``This,'' he said, ``is where I go when I want to spend money.''
Median home price in San Jose: $565,000.

Even more than the egregiously stupid and shallow creatures that populate the rest of the article, Jason makes me sad. By the time he saves enough for a 20% down payment, he'll be over 100 years old.
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