Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday Spies: Late in the Week Edition

1. From Janie Q: "How about your favorite tv show when you were a kid, and why hasn't it been remade into a movie, or if it has, how was that movie, or maybeit shouldn't be remade at all?"

My favorite show as a kid was probably Quantum Leap, which has not been made into a movie. I don't see how the episodic quality of the leaping could really be conveyed within the limited context of a single motion picture. The number of leaps would have to be fairly small and thus the true strength of the series could not displayed.

2. Stag asks: "Tell us about your favorite vacation or your fav place to go on vacation."

My favorite vacation is still the three weeks I spent in Europe after graduating from college. I traveled on my own, as I like best, saw most of the capitals of western Europe, and spent a few days in my favorite city ever, Vienna. It's so leafy and green and lovely and stuffed with art, like the best parts of Paris but without the slight cultural dissonance I feel as an American in France. The whole city is like a symphony.

3. Soup inquires: "Are you a fan of Get Fuzzy?"

I don't read newspapers and thus I don't read comic strips on any kind of regular basis.

4. Sebastian Haff has a burning desire to know: "[Which] celebrities [do] you
think are most likely to pose in Playboy and why[?]"

I give the Olsen twins fifteen years before they squander all their dough and are forced to pose.

5. Energy Spatula gets to the heart of the matter with the final question for the week: "Why don't you write about which one [Fitz-Hume or Milbarge] is a huge

Wow, no comment.
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