Monday, June 13, 2005

More delicious animals

After some discussion with Mister Baude as to the proper spelling of barbeque (the OED, alas, says "barbecue," yet this makes no sense; how can the abbreviation BBQ flow from anything but a Q spelling? Shouldn't it then be BBC?), we found, via Tyler Cowen's ethnic dining guide, what looks to be the most accessible and promising BBQ restaurant in D.C.: Capital Q BBQ.

In what I can only describe as an endearing effort to participate in this "internet" thing, they have a webcam where you can watch total strangers eat. A review will be posted soon, as my craving for brisket grows ever stronger.

N.B. Please do not post and tell me to go to Red Hot and Blue. As Chipotle is to taquerias, so is RHB to true BBQ.

UPDATE: A brief Google search reflects the dominance of "barbecue" over "barbeque," but the addition of "Texas" or "brisket" brings the search results for each spelling into a dead heat. Perhaps the Q variant is more common in the region of my youth?
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