Thursday, July 15, 2004

Walden wants to be free

Eric Eldred, plaintiff in the well-intentioned but ultimately doomed lawsuit against the Mickey Mouse Protection Act (an extension of copyright by Congress that effectively choked off the supply of new public domain works) is in trouble again. This time he was distributing free literature without a permit at the Walden anniversary celebration. Evidently the state's desire for concession fees is more important than the ability of citizens to exercise their First Amendment rights. What possible legitimate concerns about literature distribution could the state have in a situation where people are voluntarily printing out copies of a public domain work?

On an unrelated note, how much longer will I have to wait before someone makes a "Where are They Now?" series about famous Supreme Court plaintiffs? it would be like a cross between VH1 and Court TV. See the awful (and deserved) end of Mr. Miranda! Trace the conversion of Jane Roe from abortion rights plaintiff to pro-life crusader! Find out whatever happened to the star-crossed affair between Mr. Lawrence and, er, that other guy! Surely this would be a hit.
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