Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I do not like this Red & Blue, I do not like it in a shoe

Although my 24th birthday is coming up, my mental age is evidently much lower. Jake thought International Kissing Day was "junior prom" stuff, but Mitch Webber at Red & Blue puts it at a strictly third grade level. This guy probably hates mistletoe too. If this is a deliberate attempt to bait me, it has succeeded (if belatedly).
If you're getting enough kisses, after all, there's no reason for a day devoted to them
This is completely wrong. Just because you are getting a lot of something doesn't mean you appreciate it. Mr. Webber may think he's too grown up and sexually fulfilled to need a day for kissing, but I suspect that even he could benefit from a little extra perception of its benefits and pleasures.
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