Monday, July 26, 2004

Blog crushes

Milbarge recently admitted that he, like so many of us, has blog crushes. While internet romance has made major inroads toward respectability, some are still skeptical:
[B]log crushes are wonderful as passive one way daydream inspirations, but probably silly as the seeds of real romance. . . . [T]aking the germ of a fantasy crush and converting it into a relationship between flesh-and-blood peoplewho are no longer projections but instead have pesky details and needs and logistics to contend with is a different thing.

Milbarge is not alone - my name is Amber, and I've had a blog crush. Do not be ashamed, fellow crushers! Blog crushing broadens the pool of potential dates, siphons out the dimwits that flock to and Spring Street personals, and email and comments allow you to hit on people without talking to them - how awesome is that?

I admit that logistics can be a problem, but you can get around that if you try.
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