Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Pathetic to what power?

While perusing the sidebar at Begging the Question (Milbarge is guest-blogging at Crescat this week), I noticed a link to Pathetic Geek Stories. This comic is probably familiar to long-time readers of The Onion, although a few months ago it disappeared from its customary place next to Red Meat and moved to its own website. The link reminded me that I once sent in my own pathetic geek story submission. I never heard back - evidently my story was too lame even for for PGS. It may have only been the humbling tale of a badly permed third grader in plastic-framed tinted eyeglasses, her entrepreneurial idea to write love letters for pay, a subsequent crush on her best guy friend, and the painful humiliation of acting as a Cyrano for hire for said friend as he wooed the new girl in our class, who was tall, blonde, pretty, and also named Amber, but it was my story, and pathetic enough, I thought, for comic treatment.
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