Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Road to recovery, movie gripes

I think I get more traffic when I take the day off than when I blog regularly. What that says about this blog I don't know.

So my fellow summers are a big bunch of chickens and voted to see The Bourne Supremacy (starring stumpy fireplug Matt Damon) instead of The Village for the firm's "dinner and a movie" outing next week. Blah blah and double blah. I don't even read Robert Ludlum books, so why would I want to see a movie made out of one? I always think of Ludlum/Clancy as the macho chestbeater's equivalent of Danielle Steele or Belva Plain - it's all supermarket rack crap. Then again, I liked Unbreakable, so my taste is considered questionable by many.
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