Friday, July 30, 2004

Cue "It's a Small World"

I just got off the phone with D, who worked with me at Cato in 2000 and now is attending school at Harvard and living three blocks from my apartment there. She got my contact info from her dad, who I ran into at a Federalist Society event in DC. On the phone we discussed:
-My gay ex-boyfriend, who was a Koch Fellow with the guy who threw the party I went to last night, and who recently held a position on the same law journal as my officemate here at the firm,
-Another fellow Cato intern, who I ran into on the street this week and who is renting a room in the same house currently inhabited by Will Baude,
-The city of Houston, her residence for the last three years and mine for the first decade and a half of my life, and
-Her Boston T encounter with another 2000 Koch intern, a girl who is currently friends with both D's ex-boyfriend from that summer and the ex of our mutual friend and fellow Cato intern H.

The libertarian incest is overwhelming.
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