Thursday, July 01, 2004

Kissing Day Conspiracy Theories

Timothy Sandefur apparently has confused my light-hearted efforts to establish Kissing Day in the U.S.A. with that insidious candy-company holiday, Sweetest Day. Let me assure you all of the following:

-I own no stock in greeting card or candy companies, nor do I intend to acquire any.
-I am doing my best make others aware of the day's existence so fewer strange looks or catcalls will be thrown about. We may not need a holiday, but I like excuses to kiss and be kissed.
-While kids today are not ignorant of the pleasures of kissing, I do contend that they are less conscious of kissing as an end unto itself, as opposed to a mere step on the path to more intimate activities. Let us use Kissing Day as a time to remember our best kisses, practice new ones, and renew our appreciation for this age-old pasttime.
-Celebrating Kissing Day can be done in whatever fashion you like. Despite Mr. Sandefur's concerns about propriety, one can celebrate throughout the day with any consenting parties you choose. Kissing is a broad category of action that can include the chaste and friendly cheek kiss as well as the ten hour snog (that's much longer than my record!).
-Don't feel compelled to buy anything! Kisses are free as air, and almost as necessary.
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