Thursday, July 29, 2004


Packing has been a slow and sporadic affair, but with the end of my time in this bohemian little Dupont Circle loft approaching it must be done. Perhaps the most awkward part of it is the culling of unnecessary items over time: deciding what can be packed away already and what is required for the next week or two. (This is vaguely embarrassing, as I am forced to ask myself ,while putting away an armload of long sleeved shirts and decade old baby tees, why exactly I thought I would need these this summer in the first place, and possibly why I still need them at all.)

The book triage is the most difficult. When to pack up the dozen or so books I have somehow acquired over the summer (most of which have not been ready - so busy!), whether some of the yard sale purchases with pages already falling out are disposable, etc. The agony!
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