Friday, July 02, 2004


A friend emails:
How would you answer the criticism that Kissing Day is just another way to make terminally single people feel stupid? I ask not only, or even primarily, for myself - think of all of the single-girl-bitching about Valentine's Day we hear every year. Imagine that, twice a year. Horrifying.
A difficult problem, and related to the one Curtis highlighted. There are a variety of possible responses:

-Holidays are not always meant to be celebrated by everyone, so you shouldn't feel left out if you abstain from Kissing Day festivities due to a lack of kissable partners any more so than men feel left out of National Breast Cancer Month (yes, I know men *also* get breast cancer, but go with it) or those of us without a talent for mimicking Johnny Depp felt left out of Talk Like a Pirate Day.
-The non-commercial nature of Kissing Day militates against the expectations that produce some of the single-person backlash on Valentine's Day. It's a day for quiet reflection and quiet smooching.
-This is a kick in the pants for you singles. I'm not telling you to go out and find a Valentine, a true love, a sweetheart. I'm telling you to find someone to kiss! It's an important first step on the road to these other things, perhaps, but it's much more manageable to find someone willing to accept a peck than it is to find someone willing to spend a connotation laden hypercommercialized holiday with. Baby steps, people.
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