Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What Women Want

On the basis of briefly observing one unpleasant woman on a reality show, Steve Dillard has deduced the innate nature of woman:

She wants: babies. Women were meant to be mothers. (Presumably those of us who don't want to breed are rebelling against our essential natures. Perhaps we are defective.)

She doesn't want: sex. Only men derive pleasure from sex. We only permit ourselves to be objectified and made into a vehicle for men's pleasure because we want the aforementioned babies or because we have been brainwashed by feminists into thinking we like sex. (Under the former arrangement, don't women objectify men by making them into vehicles for sperm?)

Instead of drawing the simple conclusion that a guy is likely to be put off by someone who sees him as merely means to the actualization of her dream of a full womb, Dillard blames contraception for the contestant's failure to secure a legally linked sperm donor on demand. Right; this obnoxious chick would be quite a catch if only other women weren't sleeping around!

I was not meant to be a mother. I don't agree with one commenter that "men were made to protect and work for the women and children" (i.e. be a walking wallet). Such reductionism insults the humanity of men and women alike. We are more than our reproductive systems; the meaning of life is not encompassed by reliable passage of genetic materials from one generation to the next.

When I get sterilized, I'm sending Dillard an announcement: "It's a boy girl barren uterine wasteland!"
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