Monday, January 30, 2006

Random Roundup XIV

A perfect shirt if you and your sweetie are ubergeeks.

Half of men in a recent study said that witty women are a turn-off.

The Happy Feminist asks the question I've always wanted to press: why does gender apartheid produce so little outrage when racial apartheid resulted in so much?

Rust sucks. On the bright side, it won't give you tetanus, so a tiny amount of rust that doesn't adversely affect the usefulness of the item is probably not worth worrying about. If you are too anal about rust, you may end up like the housemate I had who supervised my washing of a grater (that did not even belong to him, I might add) and instructed me to keep scrubbing it until I could get some of the rust off. He is lucky I did not grate his nose.
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