Monday, January 23, 2006

The return of inverse schadenfreude

I'm glad that I'm not the only person who does this:
My bloglines subscriptions are chock full of people whose writing I can't stand. I have a little ritual where I read all the sites of people whose popularity baffles me because they couldn't write their way out of their own ass but inexplicably their readers don't seem to notice. I get really mad at the injustice of people (I won't name names but you can fill in your own blank here _______) who get articles written about them and book deals thrown at their feet, yet they suck the sucky suck so suckin' much there is no logical explanation for why they are rewarded for their suck. I get all heated and swear a lot and then I feel very alive and passionate and I go about my day.
To be accurate, the sites that really get under my skin aren't even in my Bloglines, but I keep checking them anyway, like a kid picking at a scab.
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