Monday, January 23, 2006

Huffy little beast

I am a bad cat owner.
I have a small plaster statuette of Athena that I picked up at a Greek souvenir shop. Athena is the women's mascot for CMC and also an all-around cool goddess, as Neal Stephenson has observed in his fiction (although, to be pedantic, the aegis belongs to Zeus). While I was away last week, the one of cats (probably Lily, since she is the better jumper) knocked the statuette off the shelf and beheaded her. The damage was reparable, so I went and bought some Krazy Glue to stick her head back on. Unfortunately, both cats really wanted to help. Snape kept jumping up and sniffing at the pieces as I was putting them together -- little bugger was probably getting high off the glue. I thought I'd successfully kept him back. I was wrong.
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