Sunday, January 22, 2006

Coming out as a blogger?

Via Concurring Opinions, this bizarre quote from the New York Times's recent profile of David Lat:
Ms. Golin, an avid blog reader, said she is intrigued to see where Wonkette goes from here: "David was on this one side a hard-core Federalist Society type, who clerked for an extremely hard-right judge, and was way to the right of most of his associates. And he had this whole other side of flamboyant, theater-watching, Oscar-watching, shoe-loving, litigatrix. How do these two sides get reconciled?"
Has Ms. Golin spent a lot of time around Federalists? How is watching the Oscars (hardly a countercultural event), liking shoes, or going to the theater incompatible with believing in judicial restraint and the separation of powers? Or is Ms. Golin really trying to say, "He's right-wing, but gay. Does not compute!"

UPDATE: Upon scanning the NY Times profile in its entirety, I think it's safe to say that the latter interpretation is wrong (the language seemed coded to me), although the bit about Lat's intolerant Crimson editorials makes reading the Volokh Conspiracy comments after A3G's unmasking simply delicious.
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