Saturday, January 07, 2006

Funny Stuff

- "Date the hot farrier!" is probably good advice. From the comments, the priceless sentences, "It took me a long assed time to get over the ex. One of the things that helped me though was when I got run over by a pickup."

- E. Spat entertains us with tales of her ex. Money quote: "There is nothing like marrying someone and then waking up about a year later and realizing you married a guy whose idea of a great time is getting drunk and juggling knives."

- Super Soaker restores man's hearing.

- Not actually funny ha-ha, but: Ross Douthat seems to think that our intuitions point toward personhood for embryos and fetuses because people grieve after miscarriages. We grieve at the end of a marriage or the death of our dogs, but those aren't legal persons.
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