Monday, January 02, 2006

Netflix: Dirty Scum Liars

You know, it takes a lot of abuse from a video provider before I start considering switching to Blockbuster. That company doesn't carry Buffy, censors its movies with little notice to the customer (making films like Y Tu Mama Tambien unwatchably nonsensical) , and caught a lot of flack for its deceptive and now dying "no late fees" program. But Netflix is pushing me to the breaking point.

First, they started sending me discs from far down my queue despite the fact that the preceding discs were labeled "available now." Then they started throttling my usage by claiming that they had not received returned discs for days or by shipping my next available disc the day after they admitted receiving a return. I've gotten a half a dozen broken discs in the last few months. Today I was looking forward to getting into season two of Six Feet Under, which features one of my unofficial celebrity inspirations, Rachel Griffiths. Unfortunately, they sent me another copy of disc one instead of the second disc for the season. To cap this off, mislabeled discs are not automatically resent and thus I won't get the correct disc until at least Thursday (if the disc had been scratched or broken, a new disc would have been sent Tuesday, even though they wouldn't have received the unusable one yet).

The judge makes fun of me for not watching TV, but until Netflix decided to give bad service, that didn't really affect me at all. Now I am good and irked.
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