Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Poor little rich girl

I'd write on the Opinionista unmasking, but I haven't been able to procure any gossip from one of her UVA classmates, so in lieu of original content I offer a link to Ted Frank's analysis.

One thing: the New York Observer article notes that Lafsky took down a couple of "ticking time bomb" posts containing thinly veiled profiles of law firm partners. A quick Google produces both of these posts: Ogre, Queen Bee. Since Lafsky only worked as a paralegal, summer associate, or associate at four firms, it should be easy to identify these people.

UPDATE: After reading Lafsky's new bio post, my negative impressions were confirmed. It's a giant pity party for a child of privilege: drug abuse! eating disorders! having to go to Dartmouth as a legacy admit because nobody else would have her! If I'm going to read about a poor little rich girl, I want something more like this. At least Harvey wasn't an incorrigible whiner.
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