Sunday, September 18, 2005

You can lead a clotheshorse to water

Since I have to look professional now that I'm in the wide world of work, I went to the mall to buy some decent clothes today. Part of me is a little proud that I can still squeeze into the suit I bought my senior year of high school for admitted students' weekend at CMC, but another part of me thinks it's pathetic that I am still wearing clothes from that long ago (however, I believe the record goes to my Doc Martens, a Christmas gift from 8th grade). $338 later, I am three pairs of slacks, one twinset, one dress, and one suit richer.

On a related note, I've lost five pounds. Maybe soon I'll be back down to my fighting weight of 98 (no actual fighting associated with me at any time or size). That would serve me right, since I just bought new clothes. Mostly I need to work out, but I hate getting up early to sweat and I hate going to bed dirty and my hair has to be washed in the morning . . . excuses, excuses.

UPDATE: Suit link should work now; dress link added (dress is to be worn with jaunty white poplin blazer). And I am aware that the post title makes no sense.
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